$1,000,000 Worth Of Vintage Corvettes Damaged During Massive Houston Explosion

This past Friday the city of Houston, Texas was rocked by a massive explosion that caused major damage. After 4:00 AM a large explosion erupted from the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing plant that caused massive destruction in the area. The Houston Fire Department believes that a leaking gas used for welding was the cause of the blast. Tragically, two people lost their lives during the incident.

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Houston Corvette Service is a business that lies adjacent from the base of the explosion. The business specializes in restoring and building Chevrolet Corvettes. Houston Corvette Service had a few buildings that got flattened from the force of the explosion. Inside the buildings are said to be $1,000,000 worth of Corvettes that got buried by the falling structures. The owner of the business stated that he is glad that none of his employees were at work during the tragic incident.

Just imagine being the insurance adjuster that will be overseeing this claim!

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