2020 Toyota Supra Runs A 10.96 @125 MPH On The Stock Turbo!

The team at Real Street Performance recently started messing around with the newly released 2020 Toyota Supra. They were able to get the new Supra to run a 10.96 quarter-mile time @125 mph with the stock turbo. On the current tune, it put down an impressive 442 rwhp and 477 ft-lbs of torque. Real Street Performance only did some basic modifications to get the car to produce these incredible numbers.

Current Mod List

  • Tune
  • Downpipe
  • Racing Fuel
  • Wheels
  • Better Tires

*The stock 2020 Supra makes 335 hp and 365 ft-lbs of torque. Car and Driver magazine was able to get a 12.3 second 1/4 mile run @113 mph with the factory specs.


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