A Georgia County Sheriffs Dept. Catches Hell For Hellcat Purchase

   The Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department is under federal fire for purchasing a 2018 Dodge Hellcat with federal funds. The Department of Justice grants law enforcement agencies funds through a program called the seized asset reallocation program. The federal program redistributes the funds from seized money from drug dealers and other criminals. Currently, the DOJ is demanding that the sheriff’s department payback the cost of the car which is $68,258. This purchase is considered an ‘extravagant expenditure’ under DOJ guidelines which is not allowed. Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway is currently driving the 707hp beast as his official car.

   The Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department has recently used the Hellcat with its “Beat the Heat” community outreach program. This program is very cool because people in the community can race against the police cars at the drag strip. The “Beat the Heat” program helps to educate people about the dangers of illegal street racing.

   Shannon Volkodav is the sheriff’s office spokesperson and she announced that the department did not intentionally mislead the DOJ on the purchase of the car. She also stated that they are working to resolve the matter with the DOJ as soon as possible. Currently, the sheriff’s office is cut off from the federal program until an agreement is reached.

Fox News
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