A Vodka Powered Motorcycle That Can Handle Its Liquor


   Recently the Montgomery Distillery built a vintage motorcycle that runs on vodka.  Ryan Montgomery found an abandoned 1980 Yamaha XS650 in a field. Ryan is a distillery expert and had very little knowledge about building motorcycles prior to setting a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The bike is nicknamed “Sudden Wisdom” which is named after a rye whiskey brand the distillery makes.

   The Montgomery Distillery team entered their bike in a 1980 and older model 750cc class that uses alternative fuels. Before Ryan broke the current record he was shooting for a 98 mph top speed but the “Sudden Wisdom” ended up doing 113 mph. A few days after Ryan Montgomery broke the record a 1974 Honda CB750 surpassed his speed by doing 143 mph.

Courtesy of Montgomery Distillery-Fox News

   During the process of making vodka, there is a by-product that cannot be consumed by humans. The vodka by-product was collected by Ryan Montgomery and was used during the test sessions with the build shop that made the new fuel compatible with the engine. The plus side of the vodka fuel is that it is clean burning!

Fox News

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