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Automotive Art By Danny Whitfield

   Danny Whitfield has helped develop the automotive art scene over many years. Danny was raised in Detroit, MI and started drawing at the young age of 5. Danny’s artistic talents extend outside the auto world with design work in architecture, appliances, home decor, and furniture etc. If you want your four-wheeled pride and joy immortalized, Danny Whitfield can recreate your vehicle as a masterpiece that will truly make you proud of it.

Different Genres Of Automotive Art Offered By Danny Whitfield 

  • American muscle cars
  • Hotrods and customs
  • Antiques
  • Classic Trucks
  • European Makes
  • Luxury
  • Sports and supercars
  • Professional design concept rendering
  • TV & movie car prints
  • Late model performance

   Do you have a show car and are looking for a unique show board to go along with your display? Show boards help spectators get additional information on your vehicle while highlighting key aspects of your custom build. It is a good idea to leave it to the pro and hire Danny to make you an incredible display to further impress the judges at the car show!

   Your art will be displayed on heavy premium card stock that is acid-free along with vivid colors. Just imagine your print being showcased in a luxurious custom frame for your guest and household to enjoy for a lifetime.

   This is an example of the professional design and rendering services offered by Danny Whitfield. A customer has an extreme amount of options on how one can personalize their print.

   Danny Whitfield creates personalized commemorative prints of all types. He can immortalize a historical event or can create a memorial for a special loved one and their vehicle.

   Danny Whitfield has worked with GM, Chrysler, and Ford over time to help design features on numerous production vehicles. Some of Danny’s notable contributions are found on the 1997 Chevrolet Corvette and the 1989 Ford Mustang. He was also a part of a project code-named 2000 EVOK, which is commonly known as the Cadillac CTS.

Landmark Automotive Designers And Engineers Who Danny Whitfield Was Inspired By And Looked Up To As Heros In Industry

  •  Syd Mead: Worked with Ford in the early 1960’s and thrived with design work in major Sci-Fi films.
  • Bill Mitchell: He had a 42-year career at General Motors doing automotive design and became the Vice President of that department for 19 years.
  • Harley Earl: He is General Motors legend that is known for designing the fabulous tailfins of the 1950s and later became the Vice President of the company.
  • Virgil Exner: He did design work for numerous companies but his career highlights are found with 1955-1963 Chrysler vehicles.
  • Joe Oros: An automotive stylist with Ford for 21 years who is credited with being the Chief Designer of a team that styled the first Mustang.
  • Larry Shinoda:  He is highly credited for design work on the early production Mustang and Corvette.
  • Richard Teague: He held a few design positions for major companies before becoming the Vice President of Design at American Motors Corporation.
  • Battista Farina: A designer who worked with Ferrari starting in the early 1950s who is also known for his contributions on the legendary 1958 Ferrari 250 GT.
  • Giorgetto Giugiaro: He was inducted into the Automotive Hall Of Fame in 2002 and his design work ranges from the Lotus Espirit S1 to the DeLorean DMC-12.

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   When speaking with Danny I asked, “what would be your ultimate dream or goal during your life journey”?  Danny said, “to create a world-class museum called Autovision that would be solely dedicated to automotive artwork and designs”. If Danny Whitfield launches the Autovision Museum it would be a must-see destination for all automotive enthusiast!

Additional information About Danny Whitfield

  • Danny plays the drums and mixes music.
  • Danny has been featured in major publications such as Hot Rod and Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.
  • Danny attended a photo shoot with the late Dale Earnhardt for a celebration of The National Corvette Museum. Dale Earnhardt was kind enough to autograph a couple of Danny’s Corvette prints.
  • Danny was one of the very few artists who drew paintings of the of the Dodge Viper in the early part of 1992. He was invited as a guest to the North American Auto Show in Detriot, MI when the 1992 Dodge Viper was showcased.

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