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Breathless Project Gran Torino


Bruce Sponholz of WI owns this wild resto-mod. It is a 1972 Ford Gran Torino that is totally decked out. Bruce has Pulmonary Fibrosis and this build is dedicated to spreading awareness of the disease. Bruce told us “Our goal was to travel America in hopes of making Pulmonary Fibrosis a house hold name one car show at a time”. This car is famously known as the Breathless Project. Bruce has own the car since 1977.

The car originally came with a 351 Cleveland and a C6 automatic transmission. Now it has a nasty Supercharged 5.4L 32V V8 from the 2008 Shelby GT500. Last time the car was dyno tuned it put down a strong 550 rear wheel horsepower. This Gran Torino should easily be making over 600hp at the crank. Bruce chose this engine because it makes major power and can take one hell of a beating.

The engine is backed by TCI 6X automatic 6 speed transmission. The transmission has a programmable tcm and currently runs 2 programs. Bruce told us there is a toggle switch that can take his ride from street to beast mode. The rear end has been upgraded with a moser center, wavetrac 34 spline axles, and 3.50:1 gears. The car has 14″ rotors and a big Baer brake kit on all wheels.

The interior is wildly customized and brilliant. The dash is custom made to fit the double den Kenwood head unit. The interior is equipped with Polk audio speakers and two 10” sub woofers in the trunk. The seats have since been updated from this picture with 2012 leather Ford Taurus seats.

Here are the 2012 Ford Taurus leather seats Bruce installed. They seem to match the car very well.

 We want to Give Bruce Sponholz a very special thank you for sending this car information in. It is an honor Bruce! 

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  1. Bruce..
    I can only thank Dave and those who share my story because It gives me renewed hope that we have some pretty caring kool car folks out here. Please share as much a possable we need to reach the one person or group of people who are willing to help in getting Breathless back to car shows for PULMONARY FIBROSIS AWARENESS.
    Thanks and God Bless

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