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Caffeine And Octane Atlanta, GA


   Typically held every first Sunday of the month, the Caffeine and Octane car show is a treat for car enthusiasts and passers-by alike. From it’s origins in the parking lot of the Panera Bread restaurant of Marietta,GA to the more spacious locale of the Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, this spectacle has come a long way since it’s start in 2006, becoming the largest monthly Car Show in the United States. Boasting over two thousand vehicles, with over ten thousand visitors, it isn’t any wonder that the event itself has gone from the road to the media stream with it’s own slot on the NBC Sports network. This season will air on October 12th at 8:00pm EST.

   With plenty of festivity, Caffeine and Octane hosts several genres of vehicles including lifted up trucks, hot rods, exotics, imports, and even race cars! With vendors and car clubs, anyone can join other enthusiasts and take home the memory of the event. We know we won’t soon forget. We at The RPM Standard were thrilled to attend this months event, held on September 30th, 2017. The show started at 8:00 am, with some drivers arriving as early as 6 to properly prepare for the day. With the show ending at 11am, it was certainly a thrill ride, and we hope to return soon for the awesome experience again.

Catherine Harper (left)                                                                           Kaitlyn Macdonald (right)

   Johnny Harper of Gainesville, GA owns these two clean Mustangs. The black pony is a supercharged 2003 SVT Terminator Cobra. The white mustang is a 1998 GT with Cobra exterior accents. Both of these cars look aggressive while being tastefully customized.

General Mods Of Johnny Harper’s 1998 Mustang GT

  • Custom cams
  • Upgraded intake
  • Long tube headers
  • 100 shot of nitrous oxide
  • Late model heads

General mod list of Johnny Harper’s 2003 Terminator Cobra

  • Ported Eaton blower
  • BBK headers, BBK X Pipe (deleted catalytic converters), 3″ pipes, and Borla Stingers
  • Basic performance bolt on parts
  • Dyno tuned at 540+/- RWHP

   This creation was most likely the biggest death trap at the event. The Jeep’s chassis and body have been modified for drag racing. A late model Hemi looks to be a great fit for the light weight Jeep racer.

   The beast you are looking at, was one of the show stoppers at the event, this is a blown 1973 RS Camaro. It has a 454ci big block, 6-71 supercharger, two 750cfm double pump carburetors, and a turbo 350 transmission. The car flooded the parking with that wonderful racing fuel aroma when it left.

   There were countless amazing import and JDM cars. I have never seen so many right hand drive Nissan Skylines in my life.

   There were plenty of hot bikes to go around.

   Caffeine and Octane is one of the countrie’s largest gatherings of car clubs and exotic cars. It is not unusual to see a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even a Lexus LFA. The day we were there the crowd eagerly waited to take pictures with the Lambos.

   One of the best aspects of Caffeine and Octane is when it’s over. Spectators crowd sidewalks to catch some of their favorite rides on the streets. It’s really awesome to hear the engine sounds and exhaust notes of your dream cars up close. Just imagine, some of the most amazing cars ever made dispersing on the streets at once.

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