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“Christine” The Killer Movie Car

Christine is a horror movie featuring a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury. The movie is based on the story written by Bill Phillips and on Steven King’s 1983 Novel. The Christine movie was released in 1983 and became one of the most epic car horror films ever made.

The movie is about an unpopular high school kid who buys a beat up 1958 Plymouth Fury in the 1980’s. The main character soon finds out that the car has paranormal superpowers and a mind of its own.  Christine is a car that kills people in vengeance when people harm it or the owner.  During the movie, this Plymouth Fury showed it could self-regenerate after receiving damage. If your a horror movie fan and a car enthusiast this is a must see classic!

Art Courtesy Of Danny Whitfield

The 1958 Plymouth Fury had a special performance engine option that we assume the Christien car has. In 1958, Plymouth offered a 350 cubic inch engine called the Golden Commando. It featured 2 four-barrel carburetors and produced 305 horsepower with over 300 feet pounds of torque.