Could This Be The Lowest Mileage 2003 Terminator Cobra In The World?

Girls Dig Mustangs is a Youtube channel that is based on women who love Ford Mustangs obviously. This 2003 SVT Terminator Cobra still has the pre dealership wrapping with less than six miles on the odometer. The owner also has three other rare late-model Cobras that all have less than 65 miles.

The 2003-2004 Ford Mustang SVT Terminator Cobras are some of the most desired cars among Mustang enthusiasts. Because these cars love to make power, it is hard to find one that has not been run hard or heavily modified. Matter of fact, these cars have trended upward in value during the last few years. In my market, a garage kept stock Terminator in excellent condition with less than 30K miles can easily fetch $30,000 or higher.

The owner in the video dropped his email if you are interested in purchasing this 03 SVT Cobra. I wonder how much it will sell for?


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