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Custom 1970’s Car With Six Ford V8’s For Sale

    This is the 1975 Snake Pit custom car built by George Barris, and it is currently for sale on Hemmings. Barris is mostly known for building the 1966 Bat Mobile. The Snake Pit is listed for a whopping $750,000. This creation was designed and built to reach speeds of 300mph. Today, there is no proof or documentation of the car reaching that speed. 


Interesting Snake Pit Facts:

  • Features six Ford 351ci engines 
  • Has two sets of (3 V8’s) that are hooked up to two Ford C6 transmissions 
  • The Ford transmissions are linked up to 2 Pontiac rear ends 
  • 2000hp
  • 48 exhaust pipes
  • 2 gas pedals 
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