Drunk Man Faces Jail Time For Joy Riding In WWII Era Tank In Poland

The police department in Pajeczno, Poland recently received calls about a tank riding through town. First responders were in shock when they found a WWII era, T-55 Soviet tank sitting in a major intersection. After securing the scene, the police took two people into custody. The 49-year-old male driver of the tank is facing jail time along with other serious charges.

Driving under the influence has serious consequences in the country of Poland. The driver faces up to 2 years in jail for the D.U.I charge and another 6 years for creating a dangerous situation. Reportedly, the police department will be pressing additional charges against the driver. It will take a lot of money and an excellent lawyer if this guy has a prayer of getting out of this situation.

The police later discovered that the tank driver was an authorized operator. The man was only supposed to drive the tank from one transport trailer to another before he decided to take it on a joy ride.

The tank was uninsured and had to sit in the intersection for nearly an entire day until another qualified operator was able to move it.


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