German Police Confiscate Porsche For Being Too “Shiny”


Germany is the home of the famous Autobahn were drivers can legally drive insane speeds. Apparently, there is a zero tolerance for reflective exterior wraps. The Morgenpost reported that Hamburg authorities took a Porsche Panamera away from the 31 year old owner after previously warning him.

Last week the “shiny” Porsche Panamera was pulled over by authorities because law enforcement deemed the reflective exterior dangerous to other drivers because of the potential blinding effect. The driver was told to remove the foil wrap and to re-register the vehicle. The driver ignored the warning and kept driving his Porsche and was pulled over again a few days ago. Authorities took the drivers keys and towed the car to a nearby garage. The driver was fined and will be forced to remove the shiny gold wrap before it can be street legal again.

A Lamborghini with the similar foil wrap was pulled over at the same time but that owner complied with the police and was free to leave with his car.

Fox News

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