Historics Weekend At Barber Motorsports Park

  Today we made it to the annual Historics race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. We arrived just in time to catch the last race. What I enjoy about this event is that it is very festive and laid back. Unlike the yearly Indy Car Grand Prix of Alabama, there are no lines and stampedes of people. The event was coming close to an end when we arrived but we were able to catch some legendary race cars.

  Barber Motorsports Park is a first class facility that has a museum with the largest collection of motorcycles in the entire world.


  This is the first time I ever seen a real Ford GT40. The sound that this car made going down the track gave me chills. I wished I had the time to learn more about it. I am assuming it has the SOHC 427 side oiler engine. It is absolutely mind blowing to stand next to a car that is truly priceless.

  If you see a AC Cobra it is mandatory to take a picture.

  So there is this cool pond right by the race track. The coy fish are so used to people they will literally swim up to you. I was about to pet one but I was scared of it.