Honda Superbike Championship Of Alabama


A few days ago we went to the MotoAmerica Honda Championship of Alabama. The event was held at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. The event took place from September 15-17. We never planned on attending the race until that very last day. The events that unfolded made for the ultimate Sunday Funday Adventure.


The bike corral had many different types of vendors and entertainment. Suzuki had this tent with their brand new motorcycle line up.

Race Classes

  • Motul Superbike
  • Superstock 600
  • Bazzaz Superstoock 1000
  • Supersport
  • KTM RC Cup

Barber Motorsports Park offers a lot of freedom to roam during an event. Motorcycle riders have numerous places to park their bikes and view the race. At this event all ticket holders had access to the Paddock area around the race teams. There were a few tram trolleys transporting spectators to different areas of the track.

Being in the Paddock area was one of the best experiences at this event. You can get up close and personal to some of the most well known race teams from around the world. It’s really cool to witness a pro racing team tuning on a motorcycle in person.

There were blue skies till the Honda Superbike Championship began. The rain delay felt like it lasted forever. Even after the bikes equipped their wet tires, track officials still had to pull the racers back to the pits three different times. It felt like the Superbike gods did not want the racing season to end.


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