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Introducing The Supercar Guitar


Safir GT40 Spares Ltd. has recently launched an incredible guitar series. These commemorative guitars reflect the 50th anniversary of the Iconic GT40 Le Mans wins. The guitars feature original innovation and clever design. GT40’s are some of the best sounding cars, now they have the hottest guitars.

Sheldon Ryll is the designer of the guitars. Sheldon also works in the Safir GT40 Spares Ltd. marketing department and has been our contact. The guitars have stunning similar design features of the actual car. If you are a car and music enthusiast this guitar is up your alley.

The GT40 won Le Mans from 1966 to 1969. The guitars are designed after the actual winning cars of those races.  The manufacturing of these amazing instruments is done by Hoodoo Guitars. Notice that the strings come out of the hood scoop.

John Sadler is one of the partners of the company and has played a significant role in a key feature. John Sadler said “Our guitars should have chassis plates matching the chassis numbers of the GT40 cars”. The guitars feature number matching chassis plates to the actual car on the back.

There will only be 100 of each type of guitar ever produced. Since they are limited production, it would not be a good idea to sit around and think about owning one.

      In 1981 Ford News announced the building of the GT40 Mark V with JW Engineering and Safir. In 1985 Safir Engineering ended up with the trademark of GT40. So then some time later Safir GT40 Spares Ltd. purchased the trademark and all the engineering documents, parts, and chassis from Safir Engineering.

Today Safir GT40 Spares Ltd. licenses genuine cars to Superformance. These cars are brilliant and it has been a privilege learning more about them and the company.

* Special thanks to Sheldon Ryll for tolerating my persistence on twitter. He has kept us in the loop during the developing stages of the guitars.

Check out: GT40.com



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