Is The First Generation Dodge Viper One Of The Most Dangerous Sports Cars Ever Made?

YouTuber David Patterson from the That Dude In Blue Channel recently posted a video test driving a 1993 Dodge Viper. David discusses how the first generation Viper is one of the most dangerous sports cars ever produced. He made an interesting point that 50% of the Vipers from this era have either been wrecked or destroyed.

Courtesy of Hemmings

The 1993 Dodge Viper has an 8.0L V-10 that makes 400 hp and 462 ft_lbs of torque. The car can run the 1/4 mile around 13 seconds flat with a 0-60 mph time around the mid-4-second range.

Courtesy of Hemmings

The first-generation Dodge Viper was produced from 1992-1995.


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