Man On Methamphetamines Engineers Leaf Blower For Forced Air Induction

In many parts of Australia, random roadside drug and breath test are not out of the ordinary. Recently, a 35-year-old driver was pulled over in his Holden Commodore around the western part of Sydney. Police were stunned when they found an electric Black and Decker leaf blower motor in the engine’s airbox. The leaf blower motor did appear to be functional as it was wired up to the car’s battery.

Courtesy Of NSW Police

The driver told the police that this modified home and garden tool was there to increase the performance of the engine.

The driver was placed under arrest after testing positive for methamphetamines. He was given a second drug test at the Mt. Druitt Police Station which also came back positive for the same substance.

Police issued the driver a 24-hour driving probation notice and are awaiting the results from the laboratory to confirm that he was driving under the influence.


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