New Royal Couple Rides Off In Resto-Mod Electric Jaguar

1968 Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

   Prince Harry and Meghan Markel could not have driven off from the wedding in a more elegant car. The borrowed car was specially built by Jaguar and features some green state of the art technology. The left-hand drive roadster is said to cost around a smooth $500,000. Jaguar announced they will build an exact copy of the royal couples wedding car for anyone for the same amount of money.

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

   Jaguar did an excellent job modernizing this classic with state of the art technology. The electric engine will propel the car up to 150mph while making 300hp. Jaguar mentioned the electric version of the car outperformed the original 6 cylinder platform. The Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero is capable of going 170 miles before needing a recharge. Jaguar will be producing an I-Pace Electric SUV later in the year.

Fox News

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