Possible Return of The Ford Ranger In America

In a Raptor Version?

    Ford recently introduced the Ford Performance F-150 Raptors little brother this week the “2019 Ford Ranger Raptor”. The 2019 Ranger Raptor features an I-4 Turbo diesel that makes 210 horsepower with 369 Ft_lbs of torque. If your an American do not rush to your local dealership and preorder one of these bad boys because it is not offered in the United States. Although, Jamal Hameedi, the Ford Performance head engineer did hint that the Ranger Raptor could be introduced to the United States market soon!


    Ford stopped selling the Ranger in North America in 2012 due to a growing lack of interest in compact trucks. Market trends changed during those times and consumers wanted more mid to full-size trucks. Ford did not totally scrap the Ranger all together, it was redesigned into a midsize truck and it has been a success on the international scene.


    The Ford Performance head engineer did mention if the Ranger Raptor did make it back into the US market it would have to have a gasoline engine. We all know if this happens it would never outperform its big brother (least in stock form). The possibility of this cool midsize truck having an ECO Boost or a V8 is exciting.

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