Rare 4 Door Corvette Stingray For Sale

California based NBS Auto Showroom recently listed a rare 1980 Corvette Stingray 4 door for sale. The car has 21,000 original miles and is listed for $102,526. The company California Custom Coach built a total of 6 cars for GM before the project was canceled. This car is one of two known to still exist today.

Courtesy of NBS Auto Showroom

GM called this creation the Corvette America. There was one prototype and five customer cars made in this four-door version. The project was destined to fail because the Corvette America cost approximately 3 times more than a base Corvette did in 1980. The base 1980 Corvette cost around $13,000 while the 4-door version costs in the area of $35,000. The car is powered by the same Chevy 350 as the two-door Vette.

Courtesy Of NBS Auto Showroom

GM T-top cars have a legendary reputation for leaking during wet conditions. Just image the potential leaks with 4 t-tops in one car.

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