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Rare Race Car Sold For Big Money

1963 Cheetah

The Bill Thomas Cheetah was produced from 1963 to 1966. Bill Thomas, was the racing performance tuner for Chevrolet during the period. The fiberglass sports car was Chevrolet’s answer to the Carroll Shelby race cars. The Cheetah has extremely low production numbers while some racing experts believe it as few as 23 were ever made.

Photo Courtesy of Guernsey’s

This Cheetah is powered by a 327ci engine and reached speeds of 215mph at Daytona in 1964.

Cheetah Replica Photo Courtesy of Deep Silence

The red 1963 Cheetah sold for a mind-blowing $718,750. The car sold at the Guernsey’s auction event in New York City on May 10th.  It surpassed another Cheetah that sold for $660,000 earlier in the year. To be honest, I never knew about the Cheetah until I stumbled upon this story.


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