Stolen Bullitt Mustang Makes Epic Escape From Dealership

Real Life Gone In 60 Seconds

The cleaning staff of the Town and Country Ford dealership in Evansville, IN had a big surprise when they showed up for work this past Wednesday morning. Apparently, a thief broke into the dealership and found the keys to a new Bullitt Mustang. The glass doors to the showroom were smashed open along with burnout marks on the floor.

Courtesy of Ford

The dealerships camera system happened to be offline during the incident. Later that day the car was found at a nearby apartment complex. The suspect has yet to be apprehended and is still on the loose. Neighboring businesses are being urged to see if they have any video footage of the car thief.

Courtesy of Ford

The Bullitt Mustang will soon be repaired and sold at a discount price.

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