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The Ady’s Army Charity Auto Meet

Birmingham, AL


The Adys Army Charity Auto Meet took place on August 10, 2019, at the Birmingham Race Course. A lot of people and cars turned out for this good cause event. There was a nice variety of vehicles on display ranging from imports, off-road, and muscle cars, etc. At one point, the popular YouTubers itsjusta6 and poeboys made an appearance. Itsjusta6 brought along his turbo Miata that is featured on his YouTube channel.

Video By Pat J. Moon

Ady’s Army is a charity organization that helps families with autistic children.

The Vision

  We exist to help families overcome some of the challenges of autism so that they can focus on their family first.

The Mission 

Serving God by Serving Special Needs Families. Giving “Piece” of mind, one family at a time.

The owner of this 5.0 SN95 Mustang moved all the way from Oregon to Birmingham, AL. He told us that the 3,000+ mile trip cost him over $700.00 in gas during that trip in this car.

The Chevy S10 4×4 had a small block V8 under the hood.

The Iron City Wranglers had a few clean Jeeps in attendance.

You got to love the tag on this BMW. The owner must-have something serious underneath the hood if he is calling out all V8s. Or does it have a V8 under the hood?

The bagged Infinity was hands down the most slammed car at the event.

James Cash of Hueytown, Al is the owner of this 2014 Challenger. The Challenger has a Daytona/Superbird body conversion from Michigan Vehicle Solutions.

These two C5 Corvettes were possibly the most driven cars at the event. One had over 206,000 miles while the other one had over 240,000 miles. Both of the cars are on their second automatic transmission.

The 2019 Acura NSX was the most exotic car during the meet. The NSX is a hybrid that is loaded with state of the art performance technology that produces 576 horsepower and 476 ft-lbs.


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