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The Angel’s Garage TV Show

Angel’s Garage is an automotive TV show that is based out of Yermo, California. Angel and Mark Babala are a married couple that host the show. They first met at an Irish Pub in Detroit, MI in December of 2005 and got married 30 days later. Angel has a background in sales while Mark has been a diehard car enthusiast since childhood. Soon after the couple got together, Angel found herself becoming an automotive enthusiast just like her husband.

The TV journey for the couple began when they got hooked on the Deadwood show when it originally aired in the mid-2000’s. They became such big fans of the show, Angel got directly in touch with a cast member by the name of Ralph Richeson.

Ralph Richeson

  Over the course of time, a strong friendship developed between Ralph and the couple. They flew out several times and joined him at the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio were they filmed Deadwood, Django, and other hits. Ralph urged the couple to move to California because they could sell more cars in that market versus Michigan. When they moved to California Ralph visited on a weekly basis and even had his own room at their house. Unfortunately, Ralph Richeson fell ill and requested to start hospice at their home. Before he made it over to their house he sadly passed away at the hospital.

   Shortly after receiving the news about Ralph passing Angel and Mark contacted Melody Studios to inform the Deadwood cast. The owners of the studio were gracious enough to have a memorial service for Ralph on the Deadwood set.

Mark, Angel, and Jesse Wilde

At the memorial Angel and Mark met Jesse Wilde (aka Uncle Jesse) who played in the Deadwood movie. Angel and Mark have become very close friends with Jesse Wilde and he has joined Angel’s Garage cast.

On the show, Angel and Mark build and restore cars for celebrities, charities, and other customers. During a build, Mark will handle things like the welding and engine building while Angel tackles the interior and bodywork. The duo makes an excellent build team while facing many challenges on each project. It is not uncommon for the couple to butt heads during a build, but they always come together and finish the project at hand.

Angel and Mark started selling cars to casinos for winner giveaways. Now, they build and donate cars for charities. Angel told us” We decided to donate a car a year to charity as we only live once and if we can do anything to help it will make us feel good”.

This video was from a raffle for a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang that was built by Angel and Mark. The car was raffled to raise money for the Chicago Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Joe Minoso, from the NBC show ” Chicago Fire”, drew for the winning ticket at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. The 1971 Mach 1 Mustang raised an incredible $160,000 for JDRF!

This 1968 Corvette is the latest charitable donation from Angel’s Garage. It is currently being raffled off for The One Billion Acts Of Peace Campaign. The actual raffle for the car is called The Vehicle For Peace Challenge. The car began a journey on September 21, 2018, and it is currently traveling around the country spreading awareness for the organization. The Corvette is sporting all new hologram paint, suspension, a rebuilt 327 engine, and it only has 58K original miles. When Angel was asked who she wanted to support The Vehicle For Peace Raffle she said “Maggie Gyllenhaal from the hit HBO series The Deuce, the iconic rock band OneRepublic, and the artist Romy Reiner.”

This is a glow in the dark 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. The couple contacted Jon Kosmoski of House of Kolor to get some neon and glow paint for the Mustang. This type of paint is formulated for smaller projects such as stripping and highlights. Mark developed a device that assisted the rest of the paint equipment that allowed the specialty paint to be applied to the entire car.

Angel and Mark have the pleasure of knowing and working with many celebrities. The connections with their celebrity friends give them an advantage when it comes to raising money for the charities they work with. They have worked with people such as Tommy Chong, ZZ Top, Patti Labelle, Eric Seats, and Joe Minoso etc.

Angel and Mark teamed with KVVB TV in August of 2015 and the second season of Angel’s Garage is currently being filmed with more stars and cars. Learn more about Angel’s Garage on the KVVB website.

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