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The Bugatti EB 110

The Bugatti EB 110 set the stage for the company’s modern hypercars such as the Veyron and Chiron. The EB 110 went into production from 1991 to 1995. The EB 110 had two variants the “GT” and the “SS”. This car is extremely scarce, with less than 140 units produced. The name for the car is an abbreviation to commemorate the founder of the company “Ettore Bugatti” and his 110th birthday.

Romano Artioli is an Italian entrepreneur that purchased the Bugatti name rights in 1987. As soon as the acquisition was completed Romano Artioli got a team together to start designing a car for his new vision. Before the EB 110 design was finalized the car went through some major transformations from the original concept drawing.

One of the original draft concepts before the changes were put in place.

The EB 110 GT and SS models are both powered by a 3.5L 60 valve quad-turbo V12. The GT model produced 560 horsepower and 450 ft_lbs of torque. The SS model produced 611 horsepower and 480 ft_lbs of torque. The EB 110 also featured a six-speed manual transmission and a permanent all-wheel-drive system. Bugatti worked closely with the French aviation company AĆ©rospatiale to help develop a carbon fiber monocoque chassis on the car.

Bugatti claimed the EB 110 GT can do 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds with a 212 MPH top speed.

In 1994 racing great Michael Schumacher purchased an EB 110 SS giving Bugatti a lot of publicity.

In 1995 Chairman Romano Artioli bankrupted Bugatti. Artoli’s ambitions got him over his head during that time. As he was planning on building a 4-door model called the EB 112 he also took a risk and purchased Lotus Cars which was too much for him juggle at one time.

Dauer EB 110

The German company Dauer Sportwagen purchased the last few remaining EB 110s and parts from the Bugatti factory. Dauer assembled and sold 4 EB 110s with Bugatti badging called the “Dauer EB 110”. Dauer made an additional 5 cars called the EB 110 Super Sport Light Weight. The EB 110 SuperSport Light Weight had considerable upgrades such as carbon fiber body parts and increased horsepower. In 2008 Dauer Sportwagen filed for bankruptcy.

As you can imagine a Bugatti EB 110 can sell well into the 7 figure range.

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