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The Cruising To Be Cruising Event 05/02/20

The Birmingham Mopar Owner’s Club hosted a big 3 open meet and cruise that started in Alabaster, AL. The event had an awesome turnout with a great selection of modern and classic cars. After everyone met, all the cars took part in an hour ride on scenic country roads before returning to the meeting spot. Unfortunately, we ran late but we were lucky enough to join the group during the cruise. The weather was perfect for the event and we had a great time.

Here are a few shots from the cruise. It is fun to watch people’s reactions when a bunch of hot cars drive through their town.

Some of the amazing scenery during the ride.

Willie and Brenda Pollock are the owners of this extreme Challenger. It has a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger that has the car making 850 horsepower. This car sounded awesome during the ride.

A very clean Oldsmobile 88 convertible.

Several members from The Mid-Alabama Corvette Club along with other Vette owners joined in on today’s fun.

I was blown away when I talked to the owner of this Shelby GT350R. He has owned the car for a while and today was the second time he has ever driven it. It only has 200 miles on the odometer.

I enjoyed talking to the owner of this yellow and black 392 T/A Challenger. He plans on taking it to Richard Petty’s shop in the near future to get it tuned to make around 600 horsepower. That will be an epic day for that man.

The artwork and engine bay are very cool on the “Rat Fink” Challenger.

A couple of sweet classic Challengers.


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