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The Genovation GXE Corvette

Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show the Genovation Corvette proves electric vehicles are here to stay.

Paired with an electric motor that will produce 800hp and 700 Pounds of electric torque which will drive the car to the projected top speed of 220 mph.

With a claimed zero to sixty time of under 3 seconds, it will beat the legendary Corvette Z06 off the line.

Courtesy Of Genovation

Only 75 units will be made.

When it is released it will be the world’s fastest street-legal electric car.

Each unit will be sold at 750k and will be hand-built in Rockville, Maryland.

It will have a 50:50 weight distribution and will weigh less than a Telsa Model S and has an estimated range of 175 miles.

Despite all of these performance claims, Genovation; claims the car will still have great handling and will even let Randy Probst behind the wheel to prove it.

Courtesy Of Genovation

Unlike most electric cars, Genovation has paired the electric powertrain to a manual transmission to keep the fun driving experience found in the Corvette.

The GXE Corvette will be easy to spot due to the green accents and circular tail lights which will be unique to the GXE Corvette.

First deliveries will come in late 2019.

BY: Noah Washington


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