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The Turbo Trans Am

The first Pontiac Turbo Trans Am cars were produced from 1980-1981. These cars were not known for breaking any performance records but they are very cool, to say the least. This car was produced during a time when the federal government had strict emission guidelines for auto manufacturers which kept production muscle cars from making any decent horsepower. The Turbo Trans Am was a milestone for Pontiac because it was the companies first forced air induction vehicle.

Turbo Trans Am
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The 1980 and the 1981 Turbo Trans Am both shared the 301 cubic inch engine. The turbo produced around 9 psi of boost with the factory settings. The 1980 model made 210 horsepower and 345 feet pounds of torque. The 1981 model had a slightly less power output with 200 horsepower and 340 feet pounds of torque.

Turbo Trans Am

1980-81 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Performance

  • 0-60mph: 8.9 seconds +/-
  • 1/4 mile: 16.3 seconds @ 87 mph +/-
  • Top Speed: 118 mph +/-

The 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am

Turbo Trans AM
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The 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am (TTA) is one of the highest sought-after American cars from the 1980s. This car is considered a beast for the era it was produced in. The TTA only came in white with a limited production of only 1500 units. An automatic 4-speed was the only transmission offered in the TTA.

Turbo Trans AM
Courtesy of Street Muscle

The TTA shared the same power plant with the 1987 Buick GNX.  Pontiac underrated the 3.8L turbocharged V6 at 250 horsepower with 340 feet pounds of torque. As you see the performance stats below you will be convinced that the manufacturer sandbagged the power output claims!

1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am Performance Stats

  • 0-60mph: 4.6 seconds +/-
  • 1/4 mile: 13.4 seconds @ 101 mph +/-
  • Top Speed: 155 mph +/-

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