The Ultimate All Wheel Drive Supercharged Law Enforcement Mopar

Armormax is a company based out of Utah that specializes in making bullet-proof vehicle conversions. Their latest creation is an armored Dodge Charger Hellcat that is ready for law enforcement agencies. The 707hp supercharged Dodge Charger Hellcat comes with rear-wheel-drive, but Armormax offers an all-wheel-drive upgrade. A new Hellcat comes with a $65,000 base price while the Armormax conversion could cost around $100,000 with the all-wheel-drive upgrade.

Photo Courtesy Of Armormax

The Armormax Hellcat also features additional protection for the radiator, battery, ECU, and the gas tank. This insane car also features an outside listening device for undercover missions and bomb blankets. This beast will create slimmer chances for criminals to avoid the long arm of the law!

Fox News
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