This Early 1990s Ford Escort With 400 WHP Makes For An Awesome Sleeper

David Patterson from the ThatDudeinBlue YouTube channel uploaded a great car review today. Patterson drove this crazy early 1990s Ford Escort that makes an impressive 400 horsepower to the pavement. The car has a 1.8L engine that is basically the same platform in the Miata.

This car features a racing turbo, forged internals, 5-speed manual transmission, limited-slip, and runs on E-85, etc. This Ford Escort is one of the coolest sleepers I have seen on YouTube in quite a while.



  1. Hi I’m the owner/builder
    It’s not RWD it’s FWD.
    The engine thats in the car is a 1.8l mazda BP which is the same as the miata engine. The BP engine was originally desinged for the mazda 323 GTX and GTR it was later adopted by the miata sans turbo.
    You can check out my channel for a complete log of the build… all 3 years worth.

    1. Thanks for the comment that is a sweet car. Its cool you got Patterson to review it. I am surprised I miss that typo I knew it was front-wheel drive. I will follow your channel and fix my post. Sorry man I am a little embarrassed lol

        1. Cool. It is an awesome build. A great sleeper you have. We blog Patterson’s videos here and there. Your ride really stood out and I had to post it.

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