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Top 5 list: All Time Car Fail Videos

   The actor Eddie Griffin crashed an Enzo Ferrari on a movie set. This car is valued over $1,000,000. Eddie was unharmed and seemed to be in good spirits after the epic crash.



   This driver was eager to show his street dominance in his modified Nissan 370Z. He attempted to race a random Dodge Challenger at the red light. The street racer soon found out he challenged an undercover cop.


   The driver of this Terminator Cobra was trying to impress the crowd with a fly by. He was leaving the 2014 Mustang Week event and decided to step into it. It seems the car boosted up too quickly and the Cobra lost control into oncoming traffic. This video contains explicit language.


   The Dodge Ram SRT-10 has a Viper engine under the hood. The driver just wanted to video an amazing burnout. The V10 may have been too much for this driver to handle. After the truck crashed and flipped, he is lucky to be unharmed. This video contains explicit language.

   The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most expensive and fastest cars ever produced. The Veyron cost around 1.7 million USD brand new. This is one of the most viral car videos to ever to hit the web.  This video contains explicit language.




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