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Tupelo Automobile Museum

The Tupelo Automobile Museum is located in Tupelo, MS. The museum was founded by Frank Spain. Mr. Spain was an inventor and a television pioneer. The museum opened up in 2001 and has a 120,000 square foot display space. The collection is diverse and features automobiles dating back to 1886.The museum has some of the rarest cars on the planet.

  This is a 1948 Tucker sedan. The car is worth around $3,000,000. It is production number 28 out of 51 ever made. The Tucker had extreme innovations for the time period such as disc brakes and independent suspension. The Tucker is rear wheel drive and is powered by a rear H-6 engine from a helicopter. The famous innovator Howard Hughes had some developing input on the car.

This is a 2008 Shelby Terlingua Mustang. The car and it’s trailer was stolen a few years back. The Houston Police Department later found the car stripped down. In January of 2015 the car began restoration and was later completed that following June.

This crazy creation used to be owned by the performer Liberace.

This was one of the two cars from the 1960’s “The Great Race” movie.

This is a brand new 1994 Dodge Viper roadster. This Mopar only has 12 original miles on it. The car has never been test driven at a dealership. The reason there are 12 miles on it because Vipers are track tested after the assembly is completed.

This 1993 Mustang Cobra is in mint condition. The car is super clean inside and out. This 5.0L foxbody only has 400 original miles on it.

This is a 1967 Amphicar. It is a factory made amphibious vehicle. It is basically a boat car that drives on the road or cruises on the water.

A three wheeled 1985 Triton.

This tiny car is a three wheeled 1955 Messerschmitt. Messerschmitt was a German aircraft manufacturer.

This is 1886 Benz replica. The Benz is known as the very first automobile. This replica is valued at over $100,000

This is a 1994 Richard Petty edition Dodge Ram. What is so cool about this Richard Petty Edition truck is that Richard Petty actually owned it. In the mid 1990’s Richard tried his hands in politics. He used this as his campaign vehicle in the North Carolina district he was running in.

For those who did not know, Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, MS. As you can imagine there are several items that involve “The King” in this museum. This 1976 Lincoln Mark IV was one of his cars. Elvis later gave the car to a Texas police chief. Above is the actual check Elvis wrote to buy the car.

1981 DMC Delorean

An amazing 1960 Mercedes 190 SL. The paint work on this car is first class.

This is a 1957 BMW Isetta. The character “Urkle” from the popular 90’s tv show “Family Matters” drove one.

This 1929 Duesenberg J is one of the rarest and most valuable cars in the world. These cars came with some wicked engines that were before their time. The motor is a 7.0L 420c.i. DOHC 4V I-8. The car also came in a supercharged version that made 320 horsepower. The naturally aspirated version still made an impressive 265hp.


* Special thanks to Terry Easterling and his wife for being so accommodating. I had a great time and plan on returning soon!

Tupelo Automobile Museum’s website


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