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Wellborn MuscleCar Museum


The Wellborn Musclecar Museum is located in Alexander City, AL. The museum was started by Tim and Pam Wellborn and opened up in 2010.  Some of the collection is Wellborn owned while some of the cars are borrowed. On Saturdays the Museum is opened to the public. During the week they do private tours which I strongly recommend. Before my tour I thought I knew it all about cars from this era, instead I left with all kinds of new knowledge. The collection updates on a regular basis and features other non Mopar cars.


This Ford GT is owned by Mr. Wellborn. This generation has a mid engine 5.4L DOHC 32V Supercharged V8. The engine is a beefed up version form the SVT Ford Lightning truck. Jack Roush has also autographed the top of the supercharger.

Original Hemi cut away engines were displayed in dealerships back in the day.

Through out the museum there are numerous vintage neon signs. If the cars were not on display, I would still come to look at all the vintage art and signs.

This area represents barn found cars and parts the collection has acquired over time. The white Challenger is the stunt car from the 1996 Vanishing Point movie. It still has the dirt on it from the film.

This is an ex AMC Javelin Alabama State Trooper car. The state was kind enough to donate it to the museum. They also donated an LX 5.0 fox body coupe State Trooper Mustang.

    Some of the cars have matching custom Gibson Guitars. There is a local paint shop that has painted some of the cars and they teamed up with Gibson. As mentioned before, Gibson made custom guitars for the selected cars while the paint shop matched up the paint.

This Hemi Cuda is known as the Paint Chip. One half of the car is in original form while the other half is an extreme opposite. The multiple colors represent the 25 Mopar colors offered in 1971. The color side features 1 wheelie bar, ½ a roll cage, side exhaust, larger rear tire and mag wheels. The color side can easily go back to stock form because it’s a body wrap.

Alton the tour guide told me “a numbers matching Hemi will majorly out value any other similar non Hemi car.” For example; the dark color 1971 Hemi Cuda above is worth $1,300,000. The yellow 1971 Cuda has a 383ci engine and is worth approximately $300,000. Even though both cars are rare, the Hemi engine brings in big money.

There is this cool art display behind the souvenir store. It features nostalgic vintage car art by Michael Irvine and Dave Snider.

This is a 1971 Hemi Dodge Charger R/T. This car is 1 0f 1 with it’s options such as an electric sunroof.

*Other Wellborn Musclecar Museum Facts*

  • All display cars run.
  • Some of the cars still have the original window sales sheets.
  • The museum is an old GM sales center.
  • World’s largest collection of 1971 Dodge Chargers.
  • One of the world’s largest collections of 1969-1971 musclecars.

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*I would like thank Tim Wellborn and Patrick Krook for my awesome visit!

*A big special thanks to my new friend  Alton Freeman the museum tour guide!!


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